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OctaCoil Chrome PEMF Machine

The OctaCoil™ is a PEMF device that enables you to bring the healing power of PEMF anywhere at any time, whether you’re needing treatment at home or on the go, or even looking for a performance boost during your favorite activities. This portable and compact device produces therapeutic strength magnetic fields at short range, and is designed to be worn on the body or used within close proximity to the targeted body parts and makes for one of the best PEMF devices around.

The OctaCoil™ is a magnetic field - PEMF machine - induction coil designed specifically to produce a low-level magnetic field of a magnitude with clinically proven therapeutic benefits when driven by a typical mobile device’s audio jack. It utilizes twisted bundles of magnet wire wrapped in a spiral pattern around a toroidal, polymer core. This particular geometry works to amplify the magnetic field strength in the center of the structure. The name, “OctaCoil” stems from the octagonal styling of the profile and cross-section of the core. The OctaCoil™ is easily one of the best pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices for sale on the market today. Being that it is also portable, this exceptional PEMF device is in a league of it's own. 


The OctaCoil™ comes in two types of wire configurations: single and dual direction. The single direction version has wires that spiral around the core in one direction. The dual direction version has wires that spiral around the core in two, counter-rotating layers. Both versions come in 3 different styles: standard, clear, and chrome.

The OctaCoil™ Chrome provides the same therapeutic benefits of the OctaCoil™ with the addition of a premium finish. This variant of the OctaCoil™ has a special chrome coating applied to the core that gives it a brilliantly reflective surface for each of the color options available.

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