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Nick Newman

As a founder and Chief Operating Officer of SE Therapies Ltd., Nick Newman brings an innovative and creative skill-set from which new ideas and concepts for products are brought to life. Nick is well-traveled and has lived abroad for many years namely in Egypt where he obtained two Associate Degrees in Arabic Linguistics and a Bachelor of Arts in The Arabic Language and Linguistics in the Middle East. Nick has worked in the field of translation, designed curricula, taught Arabic Linguistics at Vancouver Community College & Douglas College, taught English abroad, and has obtained many certifications to teach various scholarly works in Arabic Grammar, Morphology, and Rhetoric. Through his travels to South East Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East, Nick experienced firsthand a wide array of different medical practices and techniques, whether it be spiritual, holistic, or science-based. This and Nick’s love and passion for martial arts, sports, and fitness, planted the seeds of inspiration in the quest to invent and develop devices that improve physical and mental health and make them easily accessible and affordable.
PEMF technology is something that caught Nick’s eye and he quickly realized the numerous benefits that it produces. Having seen overpriced PEMF devices on the market and numerous over-exaggerated claims and misleading information surrounding the benefits of PEMF technology for the purpose of financial gain from unsuspecting consumers, Nick made it his mission to help produce PEMF devices that do what they claim. Nick stands behind every product he is involved in designing.

Kurt McInnes

As a founder and the Chief Technology Officer of SE Therapies Ltd., Kurt McInnes provides the engineering leadership that enables this company to create the products that heal your body and mind. He is a Professional Engineer with a Master’s of Applied Science from the University of British Columbia. He has over 10 years of experience designing and developing biomedical devices and conducting research experiments at a biomechanics lab in Vancouver. The neurotrauma research devices he’s developed are being used all over the world to help develop preventative strategies and treatments for brain and spinal cord injuries. As an active athlete throughout his life (including martial arts, rugby, football, soccer, etc.), he has always had a keen interest in health and wellness. After learning more about the human body through his study of biology, physiology, and biomechanics during his education and research, he developed an affinity for “bio-hacking”, using science and technology to improve performance and accelerate recovery from injuries or hard training sessions. After realizing the incredible therapeutic and ergogenic potential of PEMF technology, he was determined to get his hands on one of these devices and use it to his own benefit, but this wasn’t an easy task as the devices on the market were either prohibitively expensive or just gimmicks that had no scientific backing. Recognizing the lack of science-based, consumer-oriented devices available, it was clear to him that he needed to put his biomedical design expertise to work and make this technology more easily accessible.